The Internet has revolutionised the availability and accessibility of information in a multitude of forms, and has become crowded with downloadable content. Global Internet users now have access to a huge, ever-expanding accumulation of movies, music videos, video game content… all available for download to be enjoyed where and when they wish. For those offering content to end users, it is therefore desireable to use the new .DOWNLOAD generic Top Level Domain (TLD) as a specific, dedicated hub from which Internet users can easily locate and safely download your media. .DOWNLOAD generic Top Level Domain (TLD) significantly enhances the way in which downloadable content is managed, provided and received, and Internet users have unparalleled accessibility to such content. The new .DOWNLOAD TLD name provides a targeted, secure and trusted TLD domain location for those wishing to download digital media, and creates an excellent domain name from which those offering downloadable content can drive website traffic and conduct their business.

What is the .DOWNLOAD registry?

While great downloadable content is often only a few clicks away for Internet users, often they find it difficult to locate or, if they do find it, often it is not the latest version hosted on an untrusted website. It is therefore desirable to have a dedicated location from which your latest media in all its forms can be downloaded securely, and the new .DOWNLOAD generic Top Level Domain (TLD) is the perfect domain name to use to facilitate this. An easily recognizable term in almost every language, .DOWNLOAD TLD draws in anyone looking for a secure space from which to download media, and improves online searches for relevant downloadable content immeasurably. With a customized TLD, .DOWNLOAD domain owners are easily able to differentiate themselves from the competition, and to separate themselves from the inappropriate, exploitative and sometimes illegal enterprises flooding the Internet.