APM Seal - Abuse Prevention and Mitigation

APM Seal, .download

Registrants are required to agree to the Registry's "Abuse and Rights Protection" Terms and Conditions as part of the registration process for the second-level domain, which includes displaying the APM Seal on the homepage.

We augment the security and stability of the gTLD by implementing the Abuse Prevention and Mitigation Seal (the "APM Seal"). The APM Seal will provide users and stakeholders in the sector with a one-click mechanism for how to access relevant Abuse Prevention and Mitigation processes. Registrants on the gTLD will be required to implement an APM Seal on their web pages that users can click-on and be taken to a web resource detailing the relevant mechanisms for how to report and address abuse on the gTLD.

To have your domain name marked as “APM Seal Active” within our APM Seal database, please email apm@nic.download, being sure to include the domain name that you would like us to verify.

HTML Embed

Use the code below and place it anywhere on your website to show that your website is approved by the registry, it needs to be on a visible place and present on the homepage.


You may use the logos below without any modification, for your convenience we have black and white logos available as well. Please ensure that clicking on the image results in redirecting the user to this (http://nic.download/apm) page

Abuse reporting authorities

Should you suspect that a domain name is being used in an illegal/unlawful manner, please email abuse@famousfourmedia.com. Further, you may wish to report particularly serious instances of abusive behaviour to one or more of the appropriate authorities listed below:

Authority Name

Phone Number



The US Dep. Of Justice +1(202)5142000 https://www.justice.gov USA
Cybercrime - FBI https://www.fbi.gov
Cyber Criminals Most Wanted http://www.ccmostwanted.com Worldwide